World Trade Center Observatory

>> Sunday, September 5, 2010

We went up to the World Trade Center Observatory at the 107 floor, located at the South Tower. I think it was the best place to see 360 degree panoramic  view of New York city. Now,  for those who want to see panoramic view of New York city at the highest level, you can go to  Empire State Building Observatory.   It was so  beautiful and  I took lot of  photos to capture it. I used my 4 years old  Yaschica camera 50mm SLR, then and now it almost 20 years old.I still keep it and I think it is still working. There are lots of photos that I still needed to scan for this blog and my photos are 15 years old. My last  visit to overseas  was to USA 3 years ago, it was my second trip there  but I did not take many photos and 2nd last trip was in  2004 to Toulouse France. I travelled a lot when I was student in Scotland 15 years ago. I studied architecture in one of the universities  there for two years. I travelled backpacked with my friends.  Well that how old it has been now and it is not too late to start my travel blog. I just want to document my  photos in the blog for my own reference and record, for the old days and for my kids and lastly  to share with others. Hope you enjoy it. There are lots and more to come, photos of buildings which I loved the most, landscape and people  taken from all over the world, from New York, Paris, Istanbul, Izmir,  London, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Isle of Man, Rome, Toulouse  and definetely Shah Alam and other places of interest in Malaysia. For readers out there, forgive my English,  it is a bit rusty, that include my grammar and  vocabulary.

View taken from World Trade Center Observatory

New York city is one of the cities in the world famous for its grid plan system in which streets run at right angles to each other, forming a grid. Many cities in US adopted this layout. You can see it from  aerial  view of these  photos. 


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