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>> Sunday, September 26, 2010

I stayed in USA for a month few years back  to visit my friends and during that I learned a little bit about the American lifestyles. My friend loved to drink pop that what they called carbonated drinks like Pepsi and  Coke for examples.They really love to watch football  and baseball games which are not really popular in most countries in the world but doing well in Japan and South Korea and hate soccer. My friend said it is a sissy game. Well, fortunately soccer  is the most famous and popular sport in the world. The Super Bowl is the highlight of the game where two big winning  teams from NFL and AFL  meet at final to win the game. The  Super Bowl is the most-watched television program in America. It was the time when the wardrobe malfunction  by Janet Jackson's  famous stint happened during a performance at  Super Bowl, I do not know which year was that. I watched some of the popular shows on television and some of them to list were Jerry Springer Show,  Judge Judy and The View. Jerry Springer Show  is the wackiest show I ever seen on tv.  Well it is not recommended for kids . You watch  family,  hilibilies, midgets, lesbians and gay fighting over money, love, relationship, stupid stuffs, etc and they actually have fist fight and  hair pulling showed  live on television. Jerry Springer is the mediator. Dang it, I just missed my favourite show on television today!


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