September 11 - Stop war against Muslims

>> Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yesterday, it was September 11 and the ninth anniversary  of the attack that struck the Twin Towers. It has been  dominated by protests over a proposed New York mosque just two blocks from the sacred  ground Zero and this year the event was politicised the most. One priest from Florida made Muslims all around the world  including me, angry  over his plan to burn the quran to mark the event. Fortunately he cancelled his plan after pressure by many people. I lauded the speech  by Obama about right and freedom  of every American   to worship and practise the religion he/she chooses and  America is not at war with Islam. The events included a ceremony for the family of  2752  victims that killed in the attacks. One of them a ritual of reading of the names of every person murdered. I feel sorry for the family and this made me wonder and feel sad too over more than 100,000 innocent  Iraqi killed by the US attack as a result of September 11. Who is going to read their names in remembrance and if there were such ceremony took place, it would  take more than a day to read their names. 


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