Fake News, U-turn and election

>> Monday, April 30, 2018

This year a fake news law had been passed and approved and anybody making and distributing  fake news through social medias can be charged and imprisoned. Fake new is a  'fitnah'. A doctored picture by Tian Chua of  Najib Tun Razak  with Altantuya  was  a fake picture. Sometimes  people what to believe what they want to believe and and  hear  what they  want to hear. If you present them a truth with videos and proof   they still call you a liar.

A  weapon of mass destruction in Iraq was  a fake news and big 'fitnah'.  The outcome was almost more than 100,000 innocent Iraqi died during the US attack and invasion  in 2003. Middle east countries  are  not in peace  until today.  ISIS and Daesh were born and now they cause  'fitnah' to the world and Islam particularly.

Some  of  leaders in Malaysia  recently  before this upcoming general election  have made u-turn  that you have never seen before.  For many years and even decades  they were  condemning and cursing the other leaders,  and the next day they are embracing  one another   and called them their savior that can save Malaysia.  This   is mind-boggling  like a  poorly doctored  picture by Tian Chua.  It is like you click on  a website that say a  decent thing but when you click on  it you  just visited  a porn website. It mislead you into clicking the website. What you hear and see is not the real deal.

Paul the Apostle  also made   u-turn too. He was  a Jewish and  also of a roman citizen. He never met Jesus (pbuh) and he was  not one of the 12 disciples  or main followers of Jesus (pbuh) during his lifetime. He was most noted for his hatred for Jesus followers. He turned around from prosecuting Jesus followers  to preaching Jesus(pbuh).

Al-Quran has some  beautiful verses about  fake news and that we should always seek truth and verification.

O you who have believe if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become,  over what you have done, regretful . (Al Hujurat 49:6)

Do not pursue  of which  that you have no  knowledge. Indeed the hearing, the sight and the heart  about all those (one) will be questioned (on the day of Reckoning)  (Al Isra  17: 36)


Time flies and 14th GE 2018

>> Saturday, April 7, 2018

 I have been missing for  almost 4 years from  blogosphere. I have not abandoned my blog totally. This blog is still my baby. I do not really have any good excuses except time flies so fast. It felt just like 4 months I did not write  on  my blog  but it is actually  4 years. I am like a seasoned  politician  who appears  once in a while  giving  promises and 'dedak' to the rakyat and vanishes after winning election. I have voted twice in general elections and this year will be my third.

The Malaysia's partliament was dissolved today to pave way for 14th general election that probably will be  be held at the end of this month,  I  have been following the political scene in Malaysia through  local television  news and internet.

I  am feeling old thses days and I am 4 years older than the last time  I was  in blogosphere.  I hope  Malaysians    will not vote for old leader to be our  prime minister. Especially those who are more than 75 years old, They are easily tired, having problem remembering things,  always need to go to hospital for cheek ups  and operations.  This is not the leader  we want in this digital age and for Malaysia to be a developed nation. Let  them  rest and spend quality  time with their family and look after  their health and do other more important things.

 I remember those days when low cost hosing, the  selling price per unit was  at RM25 000 with 650 sq feet built-up area and cement rendered finishes in bedrooms and living room. I handled few low cost  housing projects  in 2000. That time Khir Toyo was Selangor MB.  Now our goverment   have built PPR housing or People's Housing Projects  throughout Malaysia,  selling price  at  very  low rate at RM35000 per unit  in Peninsular Malaysia and RM42,000 per unit in Sabah and Sarawak targeted for low income group.  The construction cost is more than RM100,000 per unit. These units  have  built-in kitchen  cabinet,  bigger built-up area, more than 1 toilet,  better finishes and  more facilities but definitely 'no swimming pool'. Click here to read more about PPR housing.

How lucky are people these days.  Those who want to change or 'ubah'  the government,  think twice. Be rational  not emotional.

p/s Life is short

Bangunan UMNO Shah Alam

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