Upin and Ipin Festival - Phenomenon

>> Friday, December 24, 2010

I went  to Shah Alam convention today to see Upin dan  Ipin Karnival. It  was a hit with a large  turnouts. The carnival started yesterday and will end this Tuesday,  28th December 2010. What's all a buzz about Upin and  Ipin. For those out there who never heard of  it,  Upin and  Ipin is 3D animated short  series  of  lovable bald twin  brothers    on Malaysian television. It  features story about     their life and adventure in a village. The series  has become a sensation and phenomenon  among children. The first series was introduced on  local television in 2007. Its  first   movie  'Geng, Pengembaraan Bermula'  or in English 'The adventure begins' was  released on cinema  last year and  became  a blockbuster. The television series and movie were  produced by Les' Copaque Production. A  team of  young and enthusiastic people. Upin and Ipin  festival  is held   to introduce the latest season of the series. Internationally, Upin and Ipin  has also  become a  hit in Indonesia and is  aired at the Asia Disney Channel  now. Today, Upin and  Ipin is a brand and has its own  merchandise  like many famous cartoon characters such as Mickey, Dora The Explorer and   Spongebob Squarepants  in USA.

This kind of success story makes our country proud . Unlike some of  those politicians from oppositon party   who travels to  overseas with their  own agenda and makes Malaysia looks bad to the world. Like the famous  quote by J.F. Kennedy, ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for our country.

To Les' Copaque Production,  Two thumbs up and continue producing good  Upin and Ipin series. Get  more news and info by visiting http://www.upindanipin.com.my/, the  official  website. You can watch some of the 'Upin dan  Ipin' series on You Tube.
Karnival Upin & Ipin

Karnival Upin & Ipin - 24th - 28th December 2010
New series of Upin & Ipin

Upin & Ipin's  merchandise including toys, diary, books,
clothes, bags and many more are sold
 Coloring competition for kids

Saidina "Upin & Ipin"   is on the market now
 Our Local version of Monopoly Game - Limited and special edition 

 Large turnout
Upin dan Ipin first day stamp issue

Join Upin & Ipin Fan Club 


Shah Alam, The Orchid City

>> Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I went to the Festival Anggerik  few months ago, held  at the newly opened convention building  in Shah Alam. Shah Alam Convention Centre or SACC is  located at section 14 Shah Alam, opposite to Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam and next to SACC Mall. This building is fully owned by PKNS and   had  hosted many events so far such as  such as a concert by  Asia's renowned artists, Siti  Norhaliza from Malaysia and Kris Dyanti from Indonesia,  in conjunction with  the grand opening of the building on 27 April 2010 this year,  property exhibitions and  the recent big event,  The Malaysia Film Festival in October this year.

The festival Anggerik  showcased  orchids which you rarely seen. The highlight was a competition for orchird   lovers  to compete and  display their beautiful and unique orchids to visitors. The festival was organised by the city  council of Shah Alam or MBSA  to promote public interest in orchids in consistent with Shah Alam as the Orchid City or 'Bandaraya Anggerik',  especially to residents of Shah Alam and to attact orchids lovers, local and overseas tourists to come visit Shah Alam. The festival is  held annually by MBSA. Orchird  has become part of landscape and steetscape in  Shah Alam. Shah Alam   is  really  a beautiful green city with  a peaceful atmosphere. A nice city to live in.

 Shah Alam Convention Center
 SACC Mall 
 Beautiful orchids 

 The Best Orchid - No 1


Eiffel tower - Construction

>> Monday, December 13, 2010

The Eiffel Tower is constructed of lattice work structure made of wrought   iron. Wrought iron is  a material that can  last  forever if it is painted regularly.  Since it was built for the International Exhibition of Paris in 1889,  it has been painted  every 7 years to prevent it from rust. It took 2 years to complete the structure. It was the world's tallest structure until Crysler building completed in New York, USA in  1930. The tower  weighs 7000 tons and stands 324 metres high including the anttenna. It used about 18,000 pieces of iron held together by  2.5 million rivets.

The Eiffel Tower was one of the first tall structures in the world to contain passenger elevators. Eiffel was one of the first engineers to recognize the importance  of wind forces on tall structures.The open lattice works allows wind to pass through. Thus it  is very airy and resistant to the wind forces. The tower was almost torn down in 1909 after its 20 years  permit expired , but was saved by its use as a telecommunication tower,  and the City  let it stand until today and now become a symbol of France.
Photos- 1995

 Open-lattice wrought iron structure
The  Tower is  also known as Iron Lady or 'La dame de fer'. It was built to  
  celebrate the centennial of the French Revolution in 1889.


Eiffel tower

>> Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eiffel tower is one of the biggest attractions and  famous land mark in  the world. Eiffel Tower is Paris.These two are so synonoym with each other.The fact about Eiffel tower, it is the most-visited paid monument in the world. Millions of people visit it every year. Named after its  designer, Gustave Eiffel, a French engineer.  He was known for  his revolutionary bridge building techniques. The structure was completed in 1889. It was  built for the 1889 World Fair which also coincided with the centenary of the French Revolution. Out of a number of designs submitted as part of a competition, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel won, and was responsible for erecting the Eiffel Tower.

My first visit to Paris was in 1995 and second trip in 2004, 6 years ago. Unlike New York, Paris is more relaxed and not busy. you will see many people from  different culture, ethnicity  and background in Paris. France in general has a high number of immigrants. They came  from Europe and from former french colconise in  Northern Afrika and Asia such as Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Combodia. Islam is the second largest religion in France. Zinedine Zidane or Zizou, one of the best football players in the world, is the son of Algerian's immigrants.What is so obvious  and bonding its  people of many backgrounds and ethnicities  is  the French language.

One of  things I remember that  I like when I went  traveling was  a train ride, whether taking the tube in London or  subway in New York or Metro in Paris was looking at the people. Looking at their faces, observing , see how they dressed, ears dropping and listening to their conversation. You can meet the weirdest and friendliest people on a train. Most,  lost in their own thoughts and worlds, some  daydreaming and some trying to make conversation with stranger or talking to their  friend, waiting for their next stop to exit.The best movie or sitcom making stories about  people in the train ride  if i can think of is Seinfield. I forgot  the tittle. It was so hilarious.

Back to  Eiffel tower, it was once called ugly structure, an eye sore, hated and protested by Parisans and artists during its construction. After it finally opened, it became a huge hit and now it is one of the most recongnizable structures in the world and  a symbol of Paris.How time can change people, from zero to hero.  It has tree level platforms for visitors. Level 1 and 2 are restaurants and the top has a gift shops,bar and restored office of Gustave Eiffel .The top is the best to see view of Paris especially during sunset. I took a ride on the elevator to the 1st level. I still have the ticket as  memorabilia. Only one portion is teared and the other one still is intact  because I did not go to the next  levels. It was late and too many people, so my friend and I decided to get down and get back to the motel. I wish I had and took photos of city of Paris from the top. I love Eiffel tower because I see beauty  in  iron  structure. I miss Paris. Au Voir!

My second trip -2004
It was once called a “giraffe”, an"elephant"
  a “hulking metal beast crouched on all fours”, a giant and disgraceful skeleton.” 
A dishonour of Paris .

One striking piece of structural art 
I used Olympus automatic camera for this trip. 

My first trip-1995
The ticket - 1995
You can see Eiffel Tower all over Paris.This is one Interesting story about a Novelist 
Guy de Maupassant who claimed to have hated the tower.He ate lunch in the
 Tower's restaurant every day. When asked why, he said that it was the one place
 in Paris where one could not see the structure. 

A view upon city of Paris  taken  from the elevator


Happy New Year, Maal Hijrah 1432H

>> Monday, December 6, 2010

Today, Tuesday 7th December  is new Muslim lunar calender year 1432H. It is an important day and  a new year for the Muslim. Maal Hijrah, which is also called Awal Muharam falls on the first day of  the Islamic month of  Muharam.  Awal Muharram, the start of the Muslim year, is based on the date of the Hijrah  meaning "migration", of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) from Makkah to Medinah.

Time flies so fast and it  seems lots of things I need to catch up and  many of my dreams have not been  realized. I miss traveling and visiting new places and see people. There are still many places I want to go like Barcelona, Venice and  Florence.I like to see the organic shaped   buildings in Barcelona  by Antonio Gaudi. I like to see beautiful lakes in Japan. Capture the view and   landscape. I want to take photos  of John Hancock building in Chicago, USA. I want to visit Mecca and Masjid Nabawi, Insyallah. Amin one day.

 So I say insyallah, if god wills. I quote these two beautiful verses from the Quran;
"Indeed, Allah [alone] has knowledge of the Hour and sends down the rain and knows what is in the wombs.  And no soul perceives what it will earn tomorrow, and no soul perceives in what land it will die. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted. (34) " ( Surat Luqman (34): 31)
 "And never say of anything, 'I shall do such and such thing tomorrow. Except (with the saying): 'If God wills!' And remember your Lord when you forget...'" (  Surat Al Kahf (18):24 )

I make dua that I will migrate to become a better person. I make dua may Allah   gives me good in this world and good in the hereafter,  for my kids, my parents, my  family, my friends and all Muslims. Amin.  I make dua may our beloved nation, Malaysia continues to  prosper and peaceful and safe from power crazy and greedy people who want Putrajaya  for themselves, by hook or by crook. Amin.

For all  Muslims, my  followers, viewers  and everybody out there, I wish you all the best and may  all you dreams and wishes come true. Life is short, forget about the past and do not  worry about the future. Live you life fully  today, live in the moment and be present  because tomorrow could be your last day on earth. Live your   like a  traveler or a backpacker  because this life is a transition and short and delusions and the hereafter is the destiny and the final stop.
Happy New Year! 
Salam Maal Hijrah 1432 , Salam 1 Malaysia , 1 Ummah


Shah Alam - Mesmerizing view

>> Saturday, November 27, 2010

I used my nephew's camera Nikon DX Digital SLR 50mm Camera   to take photos of the night view of Shah Alam. It took me a while before I got the hang of it.Too many menus, sub menus and settings for me to figure it out and choose and I did not have manual with me to refer to.I am used to my old Yashica SLR  50mm manual camera. That was the good old days of film.  All I need to do is just set the shutter speeds and aperture and I am ready to go. I have to say that I am from the old school. Sometimes technologies just drive you nuts and complexity of  digital camera is one of them .

The night view of Shah Alam is  amazing from the apartment. The view of the Masjid in the night  setting is so mesmerizing. What is more amazing and interesting, you can  see  The Petronas Twin Towers and the Menara KL in the background. The Petronas Twin Towers were  the tallest building in the world for six years from 1998 to 2004, until Taipei 101 was  completed  in 2004 and   surpassed their height. Now the tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates after gaining the title this year  in April  2010. It  measures 828m in height.

 The Petronas Twin Towers and Menara KL 
The blow-up photo

Masjid Sultan Sallahudin with KLCC and Menara KL in the background

SUK building


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