'Rome wasn't built in a day''

>> Thursday, May 31, 2012

It is me again after 5 months of silence.  My last year's resolution to keep  updating my blog with more posts seemed hard to keep. I have been neglecting my blog and I do not have really good excuse for that.Lot of things have happened  and  passing of Whitney Houston probably one of biggest  in world news early this year.  It was finally  revealed by coroner  that  cause of the death was because she had a heart attack that led her to lose consciousness and drown in the bath at her hotel. Immediately after the death, it was widely thought that drinking  combined with prescription pills made  the star lose consciousness and slip under the bathwater. However  traces of prescription pills like xanax was found in her blood system but they did not contribute to her death. Chronic usage of cocaine by her was the main factor leading to the heart attack.

I am not her fan though I am familiar with her hit songs. Most Malaysians probably never heard of or not familiar with  anti-depressant  prescription drugs like paxil. zoloft, xanax and prozac but I do. Just For the record, I never take any of  these prescription drug and never pop any of them.  My friend took  xanax . He was on paxil before that . He lives in the USA.  These drugs help to relieve symptoms like panic attack, anxiety  or depressions or sleeping  disorder. However there is significant side effects of the drugs and you will go through  withdrawal symptoms when you want to get it off. You may get  hooked to  these drug  too and become additive to them .  My friend said that many Americans  got  hooked to prescriptions drugs because live  is stressful there. I doubted that.   I guess when dealing with depression, anxiety,  difficulty  or stress probably the best way  as a Muslim myself  is by reading the  Quran or  meditation and prayers. I wish  to live in free stress world or country . I read on Yahoo about people living in zero currency. They  do not have debts at all and living in simplest way possible. Debt is one of biggest sources  of stress and by eliminating them you  could have  unstressful  life. This will be my new resolution  next year.

Talking about news again, on the local scene  was Bersih 3.0 rally that took place   last month in the city of Kuala Lumpur. The so called peacefully rally for  clean and fair elections turned  into violence and destructive and not 'Bersih' anymore.  Alhamdulillah most Malaysians and the silent majority hate violence and love peaceful Malaysia. If you do not like the current government, throw them  through the ballot box but not through street demonstrations . Rome wasn't built in a day and  Malaysia too.I am not talking metaphorically  here.  I hope no more drama of this kind  in the future,  insyallah. May God  forbids.  Looking at the facial gesture of  the protesters on the streets of the rally   they were different   from those in Palestine,  Afghanistan and Iraq. People always  forget to be thankful to God.

Here are some interesting pictures of Rome. I almost forget what travel blog is all about.

St Peter, Vatican Church

City of Rome. This pic was  taken from the  roof top of St Peter.
You can see 360 degree view of Rome 

Roman Forum

Monument Victor Emanuel II

The famous Spanish Steps, a monumental stairway of 138 steps

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