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>> Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I hardly mention  about food in my travel  blog,  but today is  exception. Being a student at that time,  I could not afford to spend money eating at restaurant   I have to say I had  mostly  kebab and fillet burger  from Mc Donald and sometimes the famous instant food noodles,  maggie mee on my menu when I was  travelling. Basically you can find these food in any city in the world and they are cheap.

Nevertheless I do have some interesting story to tell about my encounter with food. In New York, I ate mostly kebab from lunch to dinner which I bought  from  food stall stands  in  the streets  of New  York.  One of famous sight of New York apart from yellow cabs. You can find food stall stands at every corner of  New York streets selling hot dogs, kebab, burgers,  falafels, gyros, drinks etc. In New York,  food from the east contributed by the immigrants  have been integrated to the menu of the city. This is one of the wonderful things about  New York.

I went to a restaurant and had a pizza and espresso in Rome . I have to say Italians   do make the best  pizza.  In New York, I had tom yam at a  Thai Restaurant and the chef is from Malaysia. I still remember the creamy coconut taste of  tom yam  in my mouth  that is  different from the tom yam that I usually have in Malaysia. I often eat  at  Thai restaurants in Malaysia as Thai food  is one of my favourites . I  have to say and this is just  my personal opinion, Thai food is the best food in the world and no wonder you can easily find Thai food from all corners of the world.

I became hooked to coffee after  my trip to Paris and US and I  still am until now. I tried to buy  Folgers coffee  in sachets online, but the shipping  delivery  cost is twice  the price of  the coffee itself. Now I satisfy myself with grind coffee from Starbucks and make myself a cup of coffee everyday. My day will not be complete without coffee. There is nothing better than having a teh tarik in the morning and a coffee in the afternoon and it is  my  routine . There was research finding  that said drinking 1-2 cups a days keep your heart healthy, so I have good excuse to drink my coffee everyday. With the mix of right coffee creamer makes such a good taste of coffee.It is hard to find good coffee creamer in Malaysia, I am talking about the liquid coffee creamer such as ' half and half ' not the powdered coffee  creamer   because the coffee does not taste good with powdered creamer. I also do not like flavored coffee creamer like cinnamon taste, blubbery etc. I like real taste of coffee.  I had a chance to taste Mexican food during my visit to USA like tortilla  with  hot sauce and chille.

p/s Just want to share with you  interesting .story about Scientology.
How did Scientology get started?  L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer. Hubbard. an atheist, was mocking on religion and said  "I could come up with a fake religion, and people would flock to it!" Couple years later, he came up with the  religion.

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