13th General election, Let us vote wisely

>> Saturday, April 20, 2013

Election day is fast approaching. Flags and banners of  political  parties are everywhere  along the road, especially  at corners and main road as political parties reach out to voters .The poster war    has just begun and   more  flags  banners,  billboards  and posters of candidates will be put up all over the place and decorate the streets  before the election day.

I took some photos  from my car to get glimpse of Shah Alam during this upcoming election. It was taken  about a week after  the prime minister Datuk Najib Abdul Razak   announced  on April 3 that the parliment had neen dissolved  to pave way for the much anticipated 13th Genaral Election.   If you get caught between the moon and dacing , the best that  you can do is to chose party for  its track record and deliver its  promises and reject candidate who has moral issues. I hope  many people will  go to the polls on May 5.  No excuse not to vote and  carry out our  duty as a citizen..

Section 2, Shah Alam. UiTM in the background

Roads along Taman Tasik Shah Alam 

p/s I'm old school. Christopher Cross is one of my favourite singers.of all time

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