New Year and New York

>> Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I have been out of blogosphere  for months and I  am back. Many apologies to any regular readers I may have. Keeping up with the blogosphere have become difficult for me lately and  I hope I will write more posts next year   2012, which is just around the corner, insyallah. Life is too short and here come New Year  2012 and good bye 2011.

For today post, I want to share some night photos of New York city. I remember it was  difficult  for me to take good night photos especially when trying to  figure out    the right setting of  the shutter speed and f no. for night mode, things that not in my lists during a trip. I still have many photos of Rome  to share   but it has to wait.  

New York brings  back memory of winter and New Year. I went to visit New York on a study trip about two weeks before Christmas day. Many of my fellow coursemates went  shopping for Christmas presents during the trip. The last day of the trip, my friends and I went to Macy Sore  to shop,  just few hours before we should be back at YMCA  hotel to  board  a bus to take us   to JFK Airport  for  our flight back to Glasgow that  night. We had almost missed our bus when  we were stuck in the train. The  train stopped for more than 15 minutes before resuming  back  to normal to the next station, one more stop before our destination.  We got off from the train, afraid it would stop  again, ran for some blocks like  mad people on   New York streets that  night,    amidst the wailing police sirens  to catch our bus. New York would not be New York without those sirens. For information, New York subway is one of the oldest and busiest  rapid rail systems  in the world.  Finally,  we reached the hotel just before the bus was about to leave.  Whenever I watch the Amazing Race, it brings back those memories   and I know how  the contestants must have felt, the adrenaline rush and thrill. 

I miss New York city  and maybe I vist it again one day, insyallah. To everybody and all readers out there Happy New Year  2012 in Advance  and may all you wishes come true.

 Night view of New York city taken from Empire State Building's viewing tower

World Trade Centre Building in the background 

 The Empire State Building model

Metropolitan Museum of Art

 Central Park, New York

Flatiron Building

Rockefellar Centre  Building

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