Shah Alam - 2 Decades Ago

>> Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It has been a month  since I posted a new entry. I just got frustated. I had problem with my printer and sent  it to the store where I bought it. Apparently there was no problem except the power adapter. I have to buy a new one and the price is almost cost me as much as the printer. I ordered the power adapter  a month ago from the store and they are still waiting news  from the supplier. I even thought of buying a new printer  but that will add me one more printer and I do not need that.

For today post, I upload  photos that were  taken from my digital camera last year and no need of scanning. That is a relief. How Shah Alam looked  26 years ago? Nothing much but forest and the Masjid Sultan Salahuddin and the man made lake, The Taman Tasik Alam and its surrounding  were still under construction. I took these photos  i.e MBSA's  photo archive that were  displayed during Orchid Festival held at Shah Alam Convention Centre  last year.

Reinforced concrete structure made up the form of the masjid.
The dome was constructed in concrete too.I will write more details
on the construction in my future post, insyallah.  

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