Shah Alam - Mesmerizing view

>> Saturday, November 27, 2010

I used my nephew's camera Nikon DX Digital SLR 50mm Camera   to take photos of the night view of Shah Alam. It took me a while before I got the hang of it.Too many menus, sub menus and settings for me to figure it out and choose and I did not have manual with me to refer to.I am used to my old Yashica SLR  50mm manual camera. That was the good old days of film.  All I need to do is just set the shutter speeds and aperture and I am ready to go. I have to say that I am from the old school. Sometimes technologies just drive you nuts and complexity of  digital camera is one of them .

The night view of Shah Alam is  amazing from the apartment. The view of the Masjid in the night  setting is so mesmerizing. What is more amazing and interesting, you can  see  The Petronas Twin Towers and the Menara KL in the background. The Petronas Twin Towers were  the tallest building in the world for six years from 1998 to 2004, until Taipei 101 was  completed  in 2004 and   surpassed their height. Now the tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates after gaining the title this year  in April  2010. It  measures 828m in height.

 The Petronas Twin Towers and Menara KL 
The blow-up photo

Masjid Sultan Sallahudin with KLCC and Menara KL in the background

SUK building



Shah Alam - Breathtaking view

>> Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I have busy lately and struggling to find time to write a new entry for my post. Time flies so fast nowadays. 15 years ago I was backpacking  in Paris feels just  like yesterday. A week feels just like a day and  a year feels like a month. Life is like a blink of an eye. I went to my relative  apartment in section 7, Shah Alam few months ago   and took some pictures. The 10-story  apartment building is  overlooking beautiful view of Shah alam. I have to say, the view from the apartment  is probably one of the best views  in the world, especially during the  night time.It is so breathtaking and mesmerizing.

You can see the  view of the  city centre  of Shah Alam, beautiful and big  bangalows of the residential area in Section 7 and definitely the Masjid Sultan Sallahudin Abdul Aziz  which dominates the skyline. If you are in the city centre  of Shah alam, or nearby the Lake of  Shah Alam or  at  the residential housing area such as  Section 2, 3,4 and 9, either walking or driving around in car, you will catch the glimpses of the Masjid.



Masjid Sultan Salahuddin

>> Sunday, November 7, 2010

Masjid Sultan Salahuddin, named after the late sultan of Selangor, Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah  is one of  the main attractions to Shah  Alam. The  mosque is  the   the biggest mosque in South East Asia.  The dome was constructed in concrete, measured 51.2m in diameter is the largest religious dome in the world and soaring 106.7 m ( like a 35 storeys office building height ) above the ground. Its minarets, at 142.3 meters, are the tallest in the world.The mosque was  completed in 1988. The masjid is one of the finest and beautiful mosque in the world.

I grew up in Shah Alam  and it  has always been part of me, the place I am familiar with and belong. I love  Shah Alam for its  calm, serene and peaceful enviroment, cleanliness and greenery. The sight of the Blue Mosque   always bring joy to me and it is one of my favourite buidings in the world. The sound of azan and audio recital of Quran that coming  from the mosque, are  soothing and bring peace to my heart.

 Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam
  Harmoniusly blended with  nature


Shah Alam - A calm city

Shah Alam is the state capital of Selangor, Malaysia is one of the well planned cities  in Malaysia and to be exact the first planned city in Malaysia after independence in 1957. It is located 25km from Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia.  It is divided into sections comprising housing, industrial   and commercial area. There are many local and international manufacturers located at the industrial zone at the outskirt of Shah Alam and one of it is our  national car, Proton manufacturing plant.

If you want to go to Shah Alam, you can take a bus, RAPID KL from Klang Bus Stand at Kuala Lumpur. You can also  take a train from the KTM station at Kuala Lumpur. It is convenient to take a taxi to go around Shah Alam.

Last week, I spent half an hour  taking  photos at the  city centre of Shah  Alam.I have not taken outdoor  photos for   more than a year. So I really enjoyed  my time though only half and hour. I  Hope you like what you see and for overseas viewers, do  come to  visit Shah Alam, one day.

Quality Hotel
Plaza Alam Central 
Shah Alam walk

   Wisma MBSA and Quality Hotel                                                      

SACC Mall Shah Alam

Dataran Shah Alam with MBSA as a backdrop
  Dataran Shah Alam
Shah Alam's  Tourist Information Building

Beautiful Hardscape
The Shah Alam City Council -Wisma  MBSA
   Beautiful streetscape

Plaza Alam Central - The colourful red and yellow building
Dataran Shah Alam


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