Food, Toulouse and Happy New Year 2013

>> Monday, January 21, 2013

Time flies like a rocket and the pace of life is fast and become faster all the time. 
Digital  appliances, computer , mobile phone have become  smaller and compact but 
yet I have become bigger in size. I am still in the mood of talking  about food . It makes me craving for a nice cup of coffee.  In  the US I went to Dunkin' Donuts everytime just  to get a delicious cup of coffee for a cheap prize. I had my coffee in Paris all the time without creamer and it tasted just delicious. I do not know if that is how the French people prefer their coffee but that how my friend made coffee all the time, black coffee.No milk or creamer. But one thing for sure, no life without coffee for the French, They are coffee people and the UK are tea people and they drink tea all the time. I have never had a cup coffee during my 2 years in UK . I ordered tea or soft drink all the time at restaurant and took tea daily. I do not why but I was a tea person at that time. 

For today post, I want to share some photos I took during my trip to Toulouse, France. It 
is just perfect to continue writing   about food.  Pastries are very popular in France. You 
can find many pastries shops in Paris and all  around France. There are many 
varieties of pastries and each has its own unique taste. I like those that taste buttery 
and melt in  the mouth. If you are  looking for sweet treats , Paris is the right 
place. Other than pastries and patisseries, chocolate is another popular sweet treat in France . I bought a box of chocolate at supermarket in Toulouse and the taste was ecstasy and has very rich choclate flavour. I have never tasted any  chocolate like that in my life. Each piece has different shape and taste. 

As we know, France is the most ethnically diverse country in Europe. Paris has a 
colourful mix of cuisines like New York city brought by immigrants from European 
countries and   France's former colonies   from   North and West African countries such 
as  Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan and Egypt.  If you a person who like to try out food 
from different cultures, Paris is the right place.  You   can find many North African 
restaurants in Paris offering cuisines   like  couscous and Mediterranean food  and   also  
Vietnamese   restaurants  for their   tasty and healthy Vietnamese  soup  dishes . 

Today, I  share photos of Toulouse.  I visited Toulouse in 2004. I took SNF train from 
Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport to Toulouse. SNF is a national railway in France with its 
high speed trains proving services  in France and  to other European countries like Spain 
and Italy.  It took around 6 hours to reach Toulouse. Toulouse is the 4th largest city in 
France after Paris, Marseille and Lyon  and located at southwestern France. The city 
bordering Spain just 100km away. Come to think of it t, I should have hopped a train and 
visit Spain. Toulouse also know as " La Ville Rose" or Pink city for  its redbrick buildings. 
There  are many universities   and  large populations of students here.
I hope it is not to late to wish everybody Happy New Year 2013. Life is short. 

p/s  My friend always says 'I do not want to live in ghettos' . Many poor immigrants in
France  live in ghettos.

City of Toulouse

Science Museum. Tolouse
Beautiful park in Toulouse with Japaneses landscape


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