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>> Friday, July 8, 2011

I took these photos using my handphone many months ago.These are photos of a consruction site of a bugalow in Shah Alam taken from an apartment. There is  a story behind the picture, like the saying a picture  tells thousand words.What I am going to write is nothing to do with construction but about the people working at the construction site. The Indonesian workers. When I feel despair and at  loss, these people somehow give me inspiration and strength to move on and not giving up. It also  made me   feel how lucky I am to be in Malaysia. I hope many  of us would feel the same way too. How grateful I am to Allah for all the blessings to live in peaceful and posperous country,  Malaysia. 

These workers have the endurance, perseverance and patience to continue to live and support their family back home.You would hardly see local people working at construction site.  They live and work at the construction site to finish the job.They do not see their family for months and sometime years. Their place to stay is just a  timber shed   and they  sleep on the floor. When the construction of a walls  started and   room or enclosed space formed, the workers  would soon move in   and  it becomes their new shelter for them  to stay and sleep. Their old shed  have to  be removed to give ways for roads  or  mobilisation  of machinery as the project progressing and  reaching a completion. Lectures in Egypt, they are  making money just as  much as our school teachers whilst doctors in Algeria just earn a little. People in other parts of the   live in hunger and fear. Here in Malaysia,  people accusing the government of  being  'zalim', etc.  They are clueless what  'zalim' means. Some of these  people study  on government loans at overseas but they critised the goverment and support the opposition parties. That is really sad.  They do not know how lucky there are compared to other people in the world. I guess I  love to be a traveler and  wanderer, because it made me always to  thank Allah and to be grateful. Alhamdullilah. 

Pad foundations in progress
R.C beams and columns erected

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