The Forum Romanum (Foro Romano), Rome

>> Monday, October 3, 2011

The Roman forum is a rectangular forum or plaza surronded by the  ruins of important buildings at the centre of the city of Rome. It  was a center  of political, economic and religious  and social activity   of the   Roman Empire in the 7th Century BC. The Forum was the marketplace of Rome and also the business district and civic center and it was expanded to include temples, a senate house and law courts. As you can see in the photos below, much of the forum has been destroyed,  columns and stone blocks are all that remains of some temples and  buildings.

I was lucky during my visit to the Forum , it was bright and sunny all day that enabled me to take good photos unlike any other days in Rome where they were  gloomy and raining most the time.  Well it was winter, nothing much you can expect of the weather. But it was not as cold as Scotland or London. I spent almost a day at the Forum, walking and taking photos. A few of my coursemates waited for the sunset to take photos of the Forum and the view was spectacular.  I felt creepy and eerie  on the bus ride  back to the hotel every night  whenever passing by old and ancient buildings. For  the information,  bus is the cheapest and easiest way  for sightseeing  in the city of ancient Rome. 

The Rome Metro has only two lines and has limited coverage of Rome unlike Paris or London.The 'must see' sights in Rome  are The Forum, Vatican, the French Step and Collesium and you can visit them either by taking metro or local bus with short walking distance.

I just read news today  that Amanda Knox, an American, a former exchange student in Italy who was convicted of the murder of her British roommate and sentenced  to 26 years was acquitted today by the Italian appeals court.  I have been following  up with her  story ever since watching it on real crime story on television  in the US when I visited my friends there few years ago. I guess this is not a good news for  the UK.  

The Layout Plan of the Forum

The impressive site of Roman Forum. It was   the meeting place for the
 Romans and  the center of the Ancient Rome Government. 
Temples, basilicas, civic buildings were erected here. 

The Arch of Septimius, the three archway
 from far. It is among the best preserved monuments in the Forum

What left now is a jumble of marble fragments, rocks and stones,
triumphal arches and temple ruins.

Temple of Antonious Pius and Faustina

The Arch of Septimius Severus

Close up view of  The arch of Septimius Severus

Close up view of a stump of Roman column against
 the backdrop of The Forum

Marbles slab

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