London - Happy New Year 2011

>> Sunday, January 2, 2011

London was like my second home when I was student in Scotland. I went to London  many times during summer holidays or semseter break during my 2 years of studying in Scotland. I remember London as a meeting place. I met many of friends from  my collage  in Malaysia in London. They were  my juniors and senionrs during college in Malaysia, persuing their post graduate studies in UK. I met my junior on the street of London, out of nowhere. We have not met for few years but bumped into each other on the street of London. We both were heading to Malaysian Hall for lunch. Such a small world.  Did  it always rain in London? Not really, Its seemed dry for me every time I visited London.

There are  new attraction and buildings  in London since I been there more than a decade ago such as The London Eye  and London City Hall and Gherkin  by Sir Norman Foster. I hope to visit them, insyallah maybe one day.I miss my student life and  London.

For those who  want to further studies overseas and have a  passion for traveling, I think UK is the best choice for studying. Its closest  to Europe. England and Scotland are very nice places to  explore and travel besides having many good universities to study  for degree or post-graduate programmes. You can travel  by train to as many countries that you would like in Europe  such as France, Belgium, Italy, Sweeden, Amsterdam, Spain all   in one single ticket depending on your budget by taking  Eurorail Passes. You can   travel  within and between 22 countries under Eurail Global  Pass. My friends did that. Go to this link for more details. 

London is  the city for my post today for this year. I wish everybody Happy New Year and hope all your wishes come true. I tend to forget and always busy  doing my things. This is one beautiful verse from the Quran for me and everybody to ponder.
Life is short and just fleeting moments.
He will say: What numbers of years did you stay on earth! They will say: " We stayed a day or part of the day; but asked those who keep accounts," He will says; "You stayed not but a while, if you had only known!" ( Surat al Muminun: 112-114)

 Tower Bridge London, over the River Thames

The famous Big Ben
Lloyds of  London


nUmara... January 3, 2011 at 2:18 AM  

wee!!! wanna be there too! unfortunately can't manage d cheapest air asia's ticket fee last month! have to wait again! :p

yuyu aziz January 6, 2011 at 1:13 AM  


hope that one day i can step my foot in here. :)

nice entry.

Annabel January 16, 2011 at 2:41 PM  

Happy New Year London. Regards from London hotels

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