La Grande de Arch, La Defense - Construction

>> Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grand de Arche is located at the La Defense business district. The building  is the result of international design competition launched in 1992, the initiative of  French president Franois Mitterrand. Danish architect Johann Otto Von Sprecklesen won the design competition in his entry  to create the 20th century version of the Arc de Triomphe. Arc de Triomphe is a monument and the largest triumphal arch in the world and  located at the end of  Champs Elysees opposite of the Grande de Arch.

The arch is close to a perfect cube  with  its   dimensions, 110m high, 112m deep and 108m wide. The arch is made from a prestressed concrete frame. The arch  whole structure  is turned at an angle of 6.33 degree on the axis to accommodate its big foundations with La Defense Metro Station, RER station and motorway, all situated directly  underneath the buiding. Click  the link here  to see the plan.

Steel cables

The building facade is finished completely with marble slabs.
Gigantic steel cables fixed into the concrete wall, supporting the
 vertical passageway for the lifts


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